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Beautiful Worcester

Strolled around Worcester with luke, em’s brother. Great oaks and horse chestnuts stand guard around the splendid cathedral. An adjoining close has handsome buildings from different centuries. Watergate leads down to the river. Stones set into the wall show epic

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First it pecked the window with malicious intent. Now it’s padding around stealthily on the roof. Scary shit.

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Back on board!

After ten days as landlubbers we leapt back on board Felucca today. We’ve positively hurtled around South England and the Netherlands at breakneck speed, and look forward to getting back to a workmanlike three knots. The flight from Stansted to

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Arsing around

At the weekend Charlie visited us. I must say he brought real gravitas to proceedings.

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Thank you mum

Lovely Sunday afternoon surprise visit from maman, Brian and Jo. Trip to the church and rock houses in Kinver. And CHOCOLATE!

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New shipmates

Today mum and dad joined us forĀ  the five miles from Willington to Branston, home of the famous pickle. We passed through Burton: home of Bass, Marston and now Coor’s. East of here where we’ve come from, the lock are

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First day, first visitors

Engine inspection (see pic for a bit of engine porn): check. Fix centre rope and fenders: check. Three point turn to get out of the marina (hardly any swearing): check. And off we went! Now canals aren’t known for their

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