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The K&A at last!

The last eighteen months have seen us getting around a fair bit of the inland waterways network. Three crossings of the Pennines, all around the Midlands, out to the Nene and Trent in the east, a foray into Wales on

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Calder and Hebble

Ridiculous canal. Should be banned. That’s all you really need to know. But if you’re still interested, I shall elaborate.

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Boston to Lincoln

Lincolnshire is mind-bogglingly large and flat and rural. We don’t see much of it as the river Witham is flanked on both sides by enthusiastic embankments. The occasional lorry, a pylon, the roof of a house, a plane looping overhead.

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That’s more like it, London

A beautiful basin mooring, moments from Kings Cross. And entry to the canal museum thrown in for free. Today the wind dropped, the sun came out, Susan came to play and we cruised past London Zoo and through the Camden

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Royal river

It’s nice to live by the water.  A lockkeeper’s cottage, with pretty roses growing up the wall, perhaps.  An old wharf converted into luxury flats, boasting (if you’re lucky) a little Juliet balcony (that isn’t really a proper balcony at

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The Peak Forest and Macclesfied Canals

Two relatively short, relatively low-profile canals, linking the majestic Pennine waterways with the much-boated cruising rings of the midlands.  Both flirt decorously with the Peak District, with stone walls, handsome trees, and grand green hills overlooking the canal. Both have

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Sunset in Clarence Dock

The most majestic urban mooring spot yet!  Brilliant.

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Wonder #4 – Burnley Embankment

I have a feeling that the man who masterminded the creation of the seven wonders of the waterways, Robert Aickman, may have been having us all on a bit. For how else can he go from the majesty and triumphant

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Progress report

We spent last week exploring the River Weaver.  It’s a fascinating waterway, one minute dwarfed by huge smelly factories and salt works, the next lost in beautiful countryside. As a critical trade route for Cheshire’s salt and related chemical industries,

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What a day

On the plus side: lovely visitors, a chocolate tasting competition courtesy of Cadbury World’s shop, the characterful and welcoming canals of Brum central, and a simply glorious pub (complete with mini beer festival and BBQ) in Bournville. On the less

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