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Le Tour de Yorkshire

Here we are in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.  The River Calder winds its way down excitedly from the Pennine uplands; the rather more stately and sensible Rochdale Canal glides alongside.   As lazy Yorkshire stereotype would suggest, there are indeed mills, and some quite

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Man v Reeds

Man saw pile of reeds blocking entrance to lock. Man fought back. Man won, but at what cost? Boat hook unwilling sacrifice.

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Summer on The Chesterfield Canal

Here is a picture of summer on the Chesterfield Canal:     That’s hail, that is.  It made a friendly visit to Felucca along with its buddies thunder, lighting, and torrential rain.  Imagine the dulcet tones of marbles fired by

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One of those good day, bad day days

This morning – up the Boston Stump’s 209 steps to marvel at the views of Asda. This afternoon – glorious weather as we pootled along the river Witham. We were feeling very smug and full of the joys of spring

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Made it!

I’m sure you’re all still glued to the blog, desperate to know if we made it safely back on non tidal Canal and River Trust waters. Don’t worry readers, we did! More later. For now – bed – and so

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Heading towards Boston

Worst/most exciting part over – on home stretch eta 430!

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Tour de Felucca 2014

On Tuesday night, we moored up at Ashton Lock on the lovely River Nene.  This is a bucolic spot:  sun twinkling on water; trees, fields, chirping song thrush, etc.  This splendid river has offered up such spots on a regular

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Things the canal has taught me

Apparently, to my complete incredulity, there are such things in the world as lift testing towers. And one of these contraptions can be found in Northampton. Who’d a thunk it?

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Back on the boat

First day back on Felucca after a splendid Easter break involving pseudy book fairs, five-strikes-in-a-row bowling extravaganzas, hanging out in the gardens of Essex and Balham, the London marathon and bluebell woods. We set off from Kilby Bridge this morning

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Boat cuisine – leftovers

Using up old veggies *and* feeding my current addiction to courgettes at the same time. Score.

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