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Full throttle action

All is now well with Felucca again, hurrah! She had us worried for a while… Lovely Pete from River & Canal Rescue turned up promptly to sort us out with a new throttle cable and lots of cable ties. Apparently,

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Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

So after a week going up the Avon, we locked up into Stratford basin at the terminus of the Stratford canal… and as we were finishing a textbook reverse park, the throttle failed. No harm done, we are safely moored

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Strange purchases you make when you live on a boat

Actual shopping trip in Pershore asda. Five litres of antifreeze, three litres of red wine and a wooden bowl. Party time!

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The happy hooker

A day of DIY. Hooks up, and loaded with ‘foraged’ rosemary, grater, ladle, shiny new string bag and German sausage. Hurrah.

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Through the keyhole

Near disaster this morning, as we discover we have been sold a load of old tat. Our anti vandal keys didn’t work so we had to wait for another boat to come and let us through the locks.

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Quiet time

Thanks to all our visitors this weekend. What larks! Tom is studying the Mikuni manual and doing some complex calculations that require counting on fingers. Very impressive. I am reading L.T.C. Rolt’s seminal account of his trip on the narrowboat

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Felucca and Tilly May share Aston Lock in glorious sunshine

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Smart new chimney!

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First day, first visitors

Engine inspection (see pic for a bit of engine porn): check. Fix centre rope and fenders: check. Three point turn to get out of the marina (hardly any swearing): check. And off we went! Now canals aren’t known for their

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Setting sail!

Everything in working order, off we go!

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