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We’re at Frouds Bridge Marina now, busy packing, cleaning and generally emptying the boat of 18 months of stuff. Notice how Tom is hard at work while I swan around with a camera!

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The Trent

I think we’ve been on the river Trent on more occasions than we’ve been on any other river. And when you add in the number of times we’ve crossed it on an aqueduct (or motorway bridge to and from Felucca),

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Happy anniversary

One year ago today, we bought Felucca. To celebrate her sort-of birthday, we bought her an engine service. I know, I know, what a romantic gesture. Happily, she passed and has been deemed worthy of more cruising. Which is lucky,

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Happy new year!

We are now back on Felucca after a couple of weeks spent in debauched over-indulgence visiting family and enjoying the delights of modern plumbing. In the spirit of our modern political leaders — long may they guide us & fill

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A trip down memory lane for Felucca

This morning’s cruise took us past Twyford Wharf, Felucca’s former home. She lived here for a long time with not one but two former owners, one of whom happened to be outside as we passed. Felucca was very excited, as

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It’s back!

Oh happy days…

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An A-Z of the waterways

The language of the cut can be a minefield, littered with jargon, in joke, traditional terminology and neologism a-plenty. I’m sure there are many worthy tomes that can teach you to ditch port and starboard in favour of on-side and

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Canal boat maintenance for beginners: oil change

This is your engine. It is important to keep it in excellent condition.  Not only does it get you from A to B, but it also provides your electricity and hot water. Oil plays a critical role in the optimal

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What’s in a name

If there’s one thing I don’t really like about Felucca, it’s her name.  She was launched in 2002 as “Jubilee”, but somewhere along the line the first owners got tired of that and renamed her after a type of Egyptian

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What a day

On the plus side: lovely visitors, a chocolate tasting competition courtesy of Cadbury World’s shop, the characterful and welcoming canals of Brum central, and a simply glorious pub (complete with mini beer festival and BBQ) in Bournville. On the less

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