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More maps

It’s a new year, so we have a new map. As usual, you can follow our adventures via the Where we are page. Or you can cut to the chase and click this link. Don’t forget to scroll out so

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Raw data

I’ve handed in the draft of my translated novel. Whoop de whoop! In celebration, and because I’m a little over words, I give you NUMBERS. Beautiful numbers. Here comes the summary of our cruising year (eight months, actually) from Yelvertoft

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That’s not a lock! This is a lock!

Standard narrow beam lock on the British canal system: 7ft (2.1m) wide 70ft (21m) long Depth varies, though say around 8ft (2.5m) deep. Overall, a nice snug fit for Felucca.  You’d need 25 of these locks to fill an Olympic

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Month 2: statistics

You can probably tell that we’re back on board, and back in civilisation after a sojourn in the reception-less borderlands of Shropshire, by the sheer volume of posts today. Hurrah for a connection to the internet! We are now in

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Month 1: statistics

A number of you have asked for more reflective, emotional and analytical commentary on our journey. But I’m in a number-crunching mood, and feel that the most helpful analysis comes from the humble bullet point. So here we go, with

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We are snug inside our lovely, cosy, warm boat, sipping red wine, waiting for dinner to cook and watching the grey, cold rain fall outside. What a lovely feeling! Here is a little map of our progress so far. We

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