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Emily’s guide to bird-spotting, Part 2

It’s January, so we must all eat no fat, drink no wine and do much exercise. But I was given the box set of Borgen for Christmas, it’s raining outside and I really can’t be arsed to leave the boat,

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Mad dogs and narrowboats

Dear Darius, we are alive! This photo of Tom’s legs attached as evidence. Miserable weather. Will post more when fingers thaw out. Yours etc.

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Sign of the week

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Weed hatch action hero

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Blue skies

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What to do when you can’t make your mind up

I am so laid back these days, I’m not even fazed by the evil morning task of deciding what to put on toast.

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Better late than never

The Llangollen canal may be beautiful, and thrilling, and Welsh, but it ain’t great on mobile internet reception. So, although we passed through the lovely little village of Marbury twice, I didn’t get a chance to mention it. Marbury is

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A difficult day for Tom

Tom has to choose between the Darwin mug and the Country Life mug. Darwin wins.

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Biscuits I have known

It is pissing it down. My shift at the tiller is over, but I can’t quite get dry, or warm. It’s possible that I might have trench foot. Since being on the boat, we have had a little biscuit-filled elevenses

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Some of you, naming no names, NICK, suggested that the lovely veg we bought at Birmingham market would not last us ten days and was, in fact, only good for compost. Well. Seven days later, here’s a little update. Red

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