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The M1

It haunts my dreams, this road. I have no idea how many times we drove up and down it on our hunt for Felucca. Nor how many times we’ve been under it on our journey so far. I’ve never been

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Back on board

We set sail again this morning after a lovely week seeing friends and family around the UK. Today’s leg is from Rodley to Leeds, can’t wait!

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Progress report

We spent last week exploring the River Weaver.  It’s a fascinating waterway, one minute dwarfed by huge smelly factories and salt works, the next lost in beautiful countryside. As a critical trade route for Cheshire’s salt and related chemical industries,

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A new chapter

After a month of boating round the Black Country, Worcestershire and Warwickshire, we’ve now left Birmingham and are heading slowly to The North, via Wales. A new book required, and new signs, pointing us to exotic haunts like Shropshire, Chester,

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Two waterways both alike in dignity

When the canal first made it to Birmingham, the people rang the church bells as they foresaw the wealth that would follow. And Birmingham soon had more canals than any other British town, a network of loops, locks, wharves, branches

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Au revoir Brum

We have come out of hibernation in the great city of Birmingham. The constant, heavy, mood-busting rain of the last three days has finally lifted. The wind has dropped. The canal might still be full of abandoned shopping trolleys (and

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Bridges on the Stratford canal

Sometimes, the canal’s builders didn’t have room for a proper brick arch. Or perhaps the vehicles using it couldn’t handle the steep gradient of a hump backed bridge. So they built drawbridges! Here’s two from today. Clever use of hydraulics

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Bredon Hill

Yesterday we cruised up the remarkable River Avon, stalked not only by evil ducks and raging torrents but also by the ubiquitous Bredon Hill which looked down on us throughout. It’s a 300m summit around which the Avon meanders like

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Beautiful Worcester

Strolled around Worcester with luke, em’s brother. Great oaks and horse chestnuts stand guard around the splendid cathedral. An adjoining close has handsome buildings from different centuries. Watergate leads down to the river. Stones set into the wall show epic

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Down with Kiddie

Good god, but Kidderminster is underwhelming. I would say that I don’t know what I expected, except I do. I expected a gorgeous church right on the canal bank, complete with handy visitor moorings. I expected a town proud of

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