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Felucca’s route 2014

You get no posts for ages then four in one day. London Bus syndrome has struck the Felucca blog! Or maybe we just don’t want to pack. Anyway, we have now updated the map of our travels this year. See image

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North and South

If I hear one more joke along the lines of “No wonder the weather’s crap, it’s a bank holiday” I may cry. But the rain does provide an opportunity for a brief update on our recent cruising adventures. When we

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The Trent

I think we’ve been on the river Trent on more occasions than we’ve been on any other river. And when you add in the number of times we’ve crossed it on an aqueduct (or motorway bridge to and from Felucca),

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Across the Wash we go

Tomorrow morning we have to get up before dawn has even cracked and prepare ourselves for our big sea shortcut. (I mean adventure. Three weeks or so ago, we realised that a big lock on the Trent was kaput and

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Monday, a day of three halves

We owe you some serious catch up posts to explain where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to since we started cruising again in January. In progress, I promise, guvnor. In the meantime, here’s a quick match report on

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“Winter’s sleety dribble”

Burns had quite a lot to say about plans going pear-shaped, particularly in the winter. And he’s not wrong. Unless you’ve been holidaying on another planet, you’ve probably noticed the recent weather. It’s proved a little tricky to keep moving

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Happy new year!

We are now back on Felucca after a couple of weeks spent in debauched over-indulgence visiting family and enjoying the delights of modern plumbing. In the spirit of our modern political leaders — long may they guide us & fill

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London baby!

“He who is tired of London is tired of life.” And with this in mind, at Fazeley Junction yesterday, we pointed Felucca on a southerly bearing. This being the canals and not the M1, it’ll take more like six weeks

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Déjà vu

We’ve been this way before. In April. Today we are retracing our steps slightly along the Trent & Mersey, in order to get onto the (new to us) Coventry Canal at Fradley Junction. And as we do, we see the

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Council of war

Felucca set off from Yelvertoft in April.  She headed north then west, over the top of Birmingham and down to Worcester.  That wasn’t the end, nor the beginning of the end, but perhaps the end of the beginning. We sailed

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