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Council of war

Felucca set off from Yelvertoft in April.  She headed north then west, over the top of Birmingham and down to Worcester.  That wasn’t the end, nor the beginning of the end, but perhaps the end of the beginning. We sailed

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An A-Z of the waterways

The language of the cut can be a minefield, littered with jargon, in joke, traditional terminology and neologism a-plenty. I’m sure there are many worthy tomes that can teach you to ditch port and starboard in favour of on-side and

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A musical interlude

It was almost a frustrating day, especially after Tom had to go to seven shops to find a loaf of bread and I nearly cycled onto the motorway by mistake before ending up in the hell that is “Junction 32,”

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A rant

To that man and any others In those age-old British words, I have a “polite notice” for you. Please note it is not polite to treat my sex with such contempt. Please note that, despite my fury, I managed to

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The Weaver: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rivers

The Trent in the wind. The Severn in all its splendour. The Avon and its floods. It’s probably fair to say I’ve not exactly been enamoured of this happy nation’s rivers so far (see posts passim and passat if you are interested).

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Canal boat maintenance for beginners: oil change

This is your engine. It is important to keep it in excellent condition.  Not only does it get you from A to B, but it also provides your electricity and hot water. Oil plays a critical role in the optimal

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Strange purchases you make when you live on a boat

Actual shopping trip in Pershore asda. Five litres of antifreeze, three litres of red wine and a wooden bowl. Party time!

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Quiet time

Thanks to all our visitors this weekend. What larks! Tom is studying the Mikuni manual and doing some complex calculations that require counting on fingers. Very impressive. I am reading L.T.C. Rolt’s seminal account of his trip on the narrowboat

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White knuckle ride!

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Things we find in locks

1. Humungous piles of weeds. Which we drag out so that they don’t get trapped in the propeller. Sadly not that surprising an occurrence. 2. Slightly more surprising. A duck perched on our gunwales. 3. No photo of this, but

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