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We’re at Frouds Bridge Marina now, busy packing, cleaning and generally emptying the boat of 18 months of stuff. Notice how Tom is hard at work while I swan around with a camera!

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One year on

A year ago this morning, we woke up to find a car covered in ice and then drove up the M1 to start a new adventure. A year ago this afternoon, we were sitting surrounded by boxes, wondering how on earth

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Six signs of spring

Our hopes for an early, long, warm spring have been rekindled in this delightful weather. Judging from the signs below, maybe – just maybe – spring is actually on the way! [One] The birds have started shouting at the top

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“Winter’s sleety dribble”

Burns had quite a lot to say about plans going pear-shaped, particularly in the winter. And he’s not wrong. Unless you’ve been holidaying on another planet, you’ve probably noticed the recent weather. It’s proved a little tricky to keep moving

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Picture of the day

You can tell I’ve just signed up to Instagram, can’t you?!

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Two rainbows

Dreary afternoon in Braunston enlivened by a brief, bright shower.

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Happy new year!

We are now back on Felucca after a couple of weeks spent in debauched over-indulgence visiting family and enjoying the delights of modern plumbing. In the spirit of our modern political leaders — long may they guide us & fill

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A Malcolm Tucker day

You have good days and bad days on the canals. And sometimes you have Malcolm Tucker days. Today was one of those: a real five-star, catastrophe-ridden, expletive-inducing marathon of a day. Incident Number One: The Crash. We are pootling merrily

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A fruity homage to Seamus Heaney and my grandparents

When Felucca first set sail on 7th April, there was ice on the car windows, and after one of the coldest Marches for years, many of the trees were still bare.  Where was spring? It arrived in May with a

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Guest post: David Walker

Press release from Further Education Lectures (University of Cambridge Canals’ Association) No. 35.     Anal Retention in the Canal Dimension The world of cod psychology was shaken to its foundations recently with the emergence of a new phobia – fear of

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