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Six signs of spring

Our hopes for an early, long, warm spring have been rekindled in this delightful weather. Judging from the signs below, maybe – just maybe – spring is actually on the way! [One] The birds have started shouting at the top

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Emily’s guide to bird-spotting, Part 2

It’s January, so we must all eat no fat, drink no wine and do much exercise. But I was given the box set of Borgen for Christmas, it’s raining outside and I really can’t be arsed to leave the boat,

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That’s more like it, London

A beautiful basin mooring, moments from Kings Cross. And entry to the canal museum thrown in for free. Today the wind dropped, the sun came out, Susan came to play and we cruised past London Zoo and through the Camden

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The Oxford Canal so far

Some snapshots of our journey along the Oxford from Sutton Stop to Banbury. This canal is probably the most well-travelled in the country; thousands of narrowboaters queue up at the Napton and Claydon locks in the summer months, raving about

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A fruity homage to Seamus Heaney and my grandparents

When Felucca first set sail on 7th April, there was ice on the car windows, and after one of the coldest Marches for years, many of the trees were still bare.  Where was spring? It arrived in May with a

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Guest post – Sophie

[Ed’s note: written over a week ago, half-way through her stay with us, but only posted now because of a perfect storm of poor internet reception and sloth. Sorry Sophie!] I am two-thirds of the way through my week aboard

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Guest post: Nick W & Katie P

A couple of weeks back, Nick and Katie visited .  As well as putting in some back-breaking hours on the Wigan locks and joining us for some jolly good food and drink, Katie took some smashing photos.  Here they are.

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Tom’s sexiest birds

Yesterday, we saw our fiftieth bird of the trip.  To commemorate this, here’s our FHM-style rundown of the ten prettiest and most alluring chicks, from our man with the binoculars. 10.  Lapwing:  makes the cut as the fiftieth species we’ve

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This is beyond a joke


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First it pecked the window with malicious intent. Now it’s padding around stealthily on the roof. Scary shit.

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