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Six signs of spring

Our hopes for an early, long, warm spring have been rekindled in this delightful weather. Judging from the signs below, maybe – just maybe – spring is actually on the way! [One] The birds have started shouting at the top

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Birmingham: Britain’s second city and our temporary home. Some say third city, I know, but, lovely as it is, Manchester just doesn’t quite cut it for me, for it never bloody invented its own curry and the BBC is in

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“Winter’s sleety dribble”

Burns had quite a lot to say about plans going pear-shaped, particularly in the winter. And he’s not wrong. Unless you’ve been holidaying on another planet, you’ve probably noticed the recent weather. It’s proved a little tricky to keep moving

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More maps

It’s a new year, so we have a new map. As usual, you can follow our adventures via the Where we are page. Or you can cut to the chase and click this link. Don’t forget to scroll out so

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The Grand Union canal: a retrospective

  I suspect that, even if you don’t think of yourself as a canal person, you’ve heard of the Grand Union. If “Name a Canal” were ever a question on Family Fortunes, it would be the top answer. (By the

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A Malcolm Tucker day

You have good days and bad days on the canals. And sometimes you have Malcolm Tucker days. Today was one of those: a real five-star, catastrophe-ridden, expletive-inducing marathon of a day. Incident Number One: The Crash. We are pootling merrily

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My worry list

I was never a brownie. I dropped out of Duke of Edinburgh. I can get lost on one-way streets. I did pass my technology GCSE, but that was more luck than application, interest or talent. I’ve had mixed experiences with

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The River Thames

Today we sailed Felucca from Limehouse Basin near Canary Wharf, through central London, to Brentford.  Epic journey!

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The Tideway

Just about to lock out from Limehouse for our journey up the tidal Thames to Brentford. Wish us luck!

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That’s more like it, London

A beautiful basin mooring, moments from Kings Cross. And entry to the canal museum thrown in for free. Today the wind dropped, the sun came out, Susan came to play and we cruised past London Zoo and through the Camden

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