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Boat cuisine – scallops

Posh grub tonight, folks. Seared scallops, with local black pudding and bacon, on a bed of sprout-colcannon (yep, mashed potatoes with a few early sprouts chucked in for fun). Gracias a Maman for the seafood, to Brian & Jo for

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Boat cuisine – pancakes & maple syrup

Soft, fluffy, buttery pancakes. Crisp, salty bacon. Sweet, delicate syrup. Cwaffee. A more perfect juxtaposition of taste and texture cannot be found at 8.30 am.

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A fruity homage to Seamus Heaney and my grandparents

When Felucca first set sail on 7th April, there was ice on the car windows, and after one of the coldest Marches for years, many of the trees were still bare.  Where was spring? It arrived in May with a

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Boat cuisine – red braised pork

Our little gas cooker is lovely, but the heat never gets high enough to cook a really satisfying stir fry. So I put my wok and my copy of Fuschia Dunlop away with deep regret. And then yesterday I realised

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Boat cuisine – A tale of two tarts

Once upon a time, about two years ago on a normal Monday night, I decided to make Nigel Slater’s chicken with cream and tarragon.  A superb dish. This requires chicken, cream and tarragon.  The first two ingredients were easily procured;

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Boat cuisine, ploughman’s lunch

Sheltering from the rain in Wakefield. But shouldn’t it really be ploughman’s dinner, round these parts?

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Boat cuisine – scrounging

Nigel pork chops with chicory. First, go on massive 6 hour car ride to Essex, via London. Then, on departure, receive glorious, knobbly new potatoes fresh from the garden. Next, instead of heading directly back to Leeds, take slight detour

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Boat cuisine – Barrowford top lock

Brunch after an energetic morning going up Barrowford locks. We are now at the summit pound of the Leeds & Liverpool canal, 487 feet above sea level, with Pendle Hill on the horizon… Quite glorious.

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Boat cuisine – hotdogs with French’s

Butcher-bought sausages, caramelised onions, soft buns, lashings of French’s mustard, a dash of ketchup. Washed down with a healthy green salad and a splash of white wine.

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Boat cuisine – huevos rancheros

I love weekend breakfasts.

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