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Goodbye Braunston, hello world

Today we left our winter mooring at Braunston and began our 2014 adventures! Gathering winter fyoo ooh ell: Plenty kindling for the journey: Annual haircut and shave: Casting aside the trappings of modern life: Skipper: Attaching the tiller arm. Begin

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Tom’s top ten waterways watering holes

The Ship’s Journal is a battered red diary where we jot down details of our trip.  Miles travelled, locks operated, diesel pumped, groceries purchased, wildlife spotted and moorings moored.  Indeed, Emily is, as I write, cheerfully mining the data therein,

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Crisp winter day in Braunston

Our new home!  

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Hunkering down for the winter

Last week, cruising through the frosty fields of Northamptonshire, we saw our first fieldfares of the year. These cheerful thrushes hang around in flocks scoffing berries.  You will probably be familiar with swallows and cuckoos, which come here in the

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Guest post: David Walker

A poem written on the occasion of Felucca’s passage along the tidal Thames, entitled: “The Anxious Pa Song” 3 Cheers for Them! For Tom and Em (Why what did they do?) I thought you knew; They’re brilliant at Navigation! 3

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The River Thames

Today we sailed Felucca from Limehouse Basin near Canary Wharf, through central London, to Brentford.  Epic journey!

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Royal river

It’s nice to live by the water.  A lockkeeper’s cottage, with pretty roses growing up the wall, perhaps.  An old wharf converted into luxury flats, boasting (if you’re lucky) a little Juliet balcony (that isn’t really a proper balcony at

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London baby!

“He who is tired of London is tired of life.” And with this in mind, at Fazeley Junction yesterday, we pointed Felucca on a southerly bearing. This being the canals and not the M1, it’ll take more like six weeks

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A fruity homage to Seamus Heaney and my grandparents

When Felucca first set sail on 7th April, there was ice on the car windows, and after one of the coldest Marches for years, many of the trees were still bare.  Where was spring? It arrived in May with a

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Today’s view from the kitchen window

Leek Tunnel pool, Caldon Canal.

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