Felucca’s route 2014

You get no posts for ages then four in one day. London Bus syndrome has struck the Felucca blog! Or maybe we just don’t want to pack.

Anyway, we have now updated the map of our travels this year. See image below – or head over to the Where We Are page for more detail and zooming in fun and descriptions.

That’s it now folks. Absolutely no more posts today. G’night.

Felucca's route 2014. From Braunston to Frouds Bridge, along the most indirect route ever.

Felucca’s route 2014. From Braunston to Frouds Bridge, along the most indirect route ever.

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4 comments on “Felucca’s route 2014
  1. Jonathan Robertson says:

    Hi there I have just bought Felucca and saw your blog and thought I should introduce myself and perhaps carry on her story

    • Hello! Oh how amazing to hear from her new owner:)
      Please tell us more!

      • Jonathan Robertson says:

        Yep I bought her last weekend from ABNB in Crick, my plan is to sail her south and live aboard her and explore the waterways of the south and London, then maybe take some time out next year and do a trip similar to yours, at the same time teaching my friends how to be boaters. I see you have fond memories of your time with Felucca, I think she is a fantastic boat, I instantly fell in love with her and had to buy her, she was only on the market for 4 days, the owner before me has spent quite a lot of time and money modernising her, she has a new kitchen and has been repainted inside and out. I plan to carry on adding improvements, maybe solar panels, lighting, and carpentry additions, what I like about the boat is that she is in great condition and everybody who has owned her has looked after her and made her a better home, I will continue to do that and add to her story 🙂

        • That sounds like a wonderful plan! I’m so glad to hear that Felucca has found another owner who loves her 🙂 Is she still red? Hope you enjoy all your adventures – maybe we will read about your travels one day soon and reminisce. Have fun! ps Good luck training up your friends – make sure you train them to come and help you in winter in Banbury not just in summer on the Llangollen!

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