Guest post: David Walker

A poem written on the occasion of Felucca’s passage along the tidal Thames, entitled:

“The Anxious Pa Song”

3 Cheers for Them!
For Tom and Em
(Why what did they do?)
I thought you knew;
They’re brilliant at Navigation!
3 Cheers for the Pair!
(For where?)
The Pair –
They couldn’t fail,
When they learned to sail
(The sailing crew?)
Oh, listen, do!
I am talking of two –
(Of who?)
The crew!
They deserve congratulation.
Well, the two were a Pair of Enormous Brain –
(Just say it again!)
Of enormous brain –
(Of enormous what?)
Well, they ate a lot,
And I don’t know if they could sail a yacht,
But they managed to float
On a narrowboat
(On a narrow what?)
Not a yoghurt pot
So now let’s toast them with hearty beers
(Or a celebratory puff of your hookah)
And hope they’ll be with us for years and years
This daring- doing crew of Felucca!
3 Cheers for the Two!
(For who?)
The crew –
3 Cheers for the Pair!
(For where?)
The Pair –
3 Cheers for the wonderful Narrowboat Crew!
(Just tell me, somebody – WHAT DID THEY DO?)              

(Apologies to Winnie-the-Pooh/A.A.Milne)

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2 comments on “Guest post: David Walker
  1. Sing ho for Felucca, Felucca ho!

  2. farva says:

    Felucca said nothing, but just stood and glowed

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