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Boat cuisine – scallops

Posh grub tonight, folks. Seared scallops, with local black pudding and bacon, on a bed of sprout-colcannon (yep, mashed potatoes with a few early sprouts chucked in for fun). Gracias a Maman for the seafood, to Brian & Jo for

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Hunkering down for the winter

Last week, cruising through the frosty fields of Northamptonshire, we saw our first fieldfares of the year. These cheerful thrushes hang around in flocks scoffing berries.  You will probably be familiar with swallows and cuckoos, which come here in the

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A Malcolm Tucker day

You have good days and bad days on the canals. And sometimes you have Malcolm Tucker days. Today was one of those: a real five-star, catastrophe-ridden, expletive-inducing marathon of a day. Incident Number One: The Crash. We are pootling merrily

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My worry list

I was never a brownie. I dropped out of Duke of Edinburgh. I can get lost on one-way streets. I did pass my technology GCSE, but that was more luck than application, interest or talent. I’ve had mixed experiences with

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Guest post: David Walker

A poem written on the occasion of Felucca’s passage along the tidal Thames, entitled: “The Anxious Pa Song” 3 Cheers for Them! For Tom and Em (Why what did they do?) I thought you knew; They’re brilliant at Navigation! 3

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