The Tideway


Captain of this ship

Just about to lock out from Limehouse for our journey up the tidal Thames to Brentford. Wish us luck!


Limehouse basin


We are joining two other boats for the passage

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7 comments on “The Tideway
  1. Charlie says:

    Good luck! Hope it is a great trip!

  2. Sue Jones says:

    Oooh, first sign of life jackets. Good luck. Keep us posted.
    I’m sure Brentford will be a highlight of the voyage!!!

  3. ebonynumber1 says:

    This is pretty grown up stuff!! Look forward to see how you get on – should be a great trip. We are now back on our mooring at Silsden until next March. Where are you heading for the winter?

    • Hi Sally and Charles! Lovely to hear from you. It was a fabulous day, so pleased we did it. Now heading north up the Grand Union. Plan is to winter somewhere in the Midlands and wait out the stoppages… Finding a marina is the next thing on our (Tom’s!) list. Bet Silsden looks lovely this time of year; hope it’s a good winter for you!

  4. nsoulsby says:

    I saw two people who looked a lot like Emily and Tom passing under Battersea Bridge this morning looking verrrrrry in control – masters of the Thames…Conquerors of the tidal waters.

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