London baby!


“He who is tired of London is tired of life.”

And with this in mind, at Fazeley Junction yesterday, we pointed Felucca on a southerly bearing.

This being the canals and not the M1, it’ll take more like six weeks than three hours!  But via Rugby, Oxford, Reading and Teddington; along the Coventry and Oxford Canals and the Thames itself; we are slowly but surely ON OUR WAY TO LONDON!

That means Little Venice.  It means chugging through Camden Market.  It means sailing past Hampton Court and Kew Gardens, and under the Battersea and Albert Bridges, beneath the 319 and 239 bus routes of our old haunts. 

And if we have the balls, and manage to get the appropriate health and safety VHF certificate…  it means sailing past the Houses Of Parliament and under Tower Bridge. 

And past the office where, six very long months ago, I bid a fond au revoir to my colleagues at TNS.  It was here, gazing out from my chair by the window onto the glittering Thames, that I first foresaw the ambling life of the boatman, and started to hatch plans…

Now we are on our way back…  if only for a bit, before nipping back into the Midlands to hibernate for the winter.

See all you Londoners soon!

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4 comments on “London baby!
  1. Jonathan says:

    Let us know when you’ll be passing by that fine city called Oxford

  2. nsoulsby says:

    Gosh…Bit of a retreat isn’t it?! Surely there must be some new frontiers fringed with green that require attention…?

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