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Huddersfield Narrow Canal – LIVE! Day five

The westbound towpath going up to Standedge is sandwiched between the canal on one side; and the river, whose valley it follows closely, on the other. 🙂 Tunnel on Wednesday morning, assuming we meet the strict height and width restrictions,

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Huddersfield Narrow Canal – LIVE! Day four

Nothing happens today apart from The Archers omnibus, some cricket, a bit of Game of Thrones and a lot of translation. Fact of the day: the canal runs through the legs of an electricity pylon at Stalybridge. Tune back in

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Huddersfield Narrow Canal – LIVE! Day three

Welcome back to a belated live update.  Felucca sailed into Slaithwaite yesterday, after three hours of cruising over about 2.5 miles, fourteen locks and only a couple of minor groundings, and only a 24-hour delay caused by someone leaving a

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Huddersfield Narrow Canal – LIVE! Day two newsflash

There are now three boats waiting to go up. This counts as an emergency I think, so the good folk of the canal and river trust are pumping water in from the river. And they might even be sending a

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Huddersfield Narrow Canal – LIVE! Day two

More thrills and spills from the wild west of the canals. The crew leap out of bed early to make up for lost time, and push on to Slaithwaite. But an open paddle up ahead has drained pound eleven! The

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Blast from the past… Wakefield

Wakefield feels like a lifetime ago, already. We stayed there on Sunday and Monday night, during which time we: * Went to the Hepworth. Rather glorious really. * Went to a great pub that had its own brew, guest ales

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Huddersfield Narrow Canal – LIVE! Day one

Join our live feed as we follow the scintillating day-by-day action of Felucca’s race up into the Pennines. Day one sees lightning progress through the wild west of the waterways.  Felucca averages a breathtaking three miles in 3.5 hours of

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I’ve been excited about visiting the canals round here ever since we hatched the felucca plan. It’s often described as the wild west of the waterways: the canals only recently saved from dereliction, with frequent stoppages, water shortages, running aground

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Boat cuisine, ploughman’s lunch

Sheltering from the rain in Wakefield. But shouldn’t it really be ploughman’s dinner, round these parts?

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Belatedly, Wonder #5

When Robert Aickman nominated his seven wonders of the waterways, he went for a real mixed bag.  Not just picturesque locks and towering aqueducts, but also other more esoteric locations, perhaps of more interest to the engineer than to the

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