Wonders: our journey so far

The really keen followers of this blog (hi mum!) will have noticed that we have managed to visit six out of the seven wonders of the inland waterways on Felucca since April. We didn’t really set out to do a pilgrimage to Aickman; things just turned out that way. That said, there might be a reason why it’s been so easy to clock up wonders. Take a look at their geographical spread on this handy map I just knocked up:

Wonders update


So, it might be some time before we post about another wonder. We may never make it to Caen Hill Locks at all. Who knows? I hope you can live with the suspense…

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2 comments on “Wonders: our journey so far
  1. Whoops, sorry about that typo on the image. Can’t be bothered to fix it though I’m afraid.

  2. nsoulsby says:

    Geographic excuses, excuses…More wonders please you clever pair of wonders!

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