A musical interlude

It was almost a frustrating day, especially after Tom had to go to seven shops to find a loaf of bread and I nearly cycled onto the motorway by mistake before ending up in the hell that is “Junction 32,” an “outlet village” which reminded me of all the reasons why people hate shopping AND THEN didn’t have the stuff we wanted.


But then the lovely chap in Halfords gave me antifreeze for free and I found some berries. And Sophie is coming to stay tonight, so all is well again.

So here’s a little weekend jollity from Georges Brassens.


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One comment on “A musical interlude
  1. Janet Walker says:

    Very jolly for a Saturday afternoon!
    What you need is a bread maker – if your electricity system is up to it – then all you need is the ingredients and you can make bread overnight wherever you hook up with a supply. Simples! Can’t think of a way out of the anti-freeze deficit, though – I think you were just lucky to find the right man at the time.

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