Sunset in Clarence Dock


Sophie, Emily and Felucca

The most majestic urban mooring spot yet!  Brilliant.

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5 comments on “Sunset in Clarence Dock
  1. nsoulsby says:

    I need to upgrade my glasses – I’m sure that’s my dear little sister and one of my two favourite travelling souls stood by the canals of Leeds…But they look so far away!

    • Kaye Soulsby says:

      Wow not only do I know where you are but I think I recognise everyone in the picture too!

      • We had high jinx (sp?) With Sailor Soulsby in Leeds. When are you and Alan coming to visit?

        • Kaye Soulsby says:

          Hi Emily and Tom! We are in St. Neot’s looking after my dad at the moment. You must have burning ears though, as only a few hours ago Alan was suggesting we find out where you are and invite ourselves along …he has always wanted a boat and has ideas about Mango, faithful dog, standing proudly up front. We even had a little debate about if you could sail on the river Ouse or if it would be too strong a current. Hoping we will have a bit of time free at end of August, so you never know yet more Soulsbys could land on you. Happy barging, Kaye x

          • Haha – great minds think alike, clearly! There’s lots of navigable bits round St Neots including all sorts of drains and Ouse and Cam, a bit tricky to get to from where we are now but you never know, we might make it at some point. Right now, our plan is to head back across the Pennines, so by end of August we should, fingers crossed, be in the north west again, heading towards Macclesfield. Would love to see you both and Mango too, if you can make it! I’m aiming for a record number of Soulsbys on the boat (multiple visits count, if you’re reading this Nick…hint hint). Love from Felucca X

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