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The Peak Forest and Macclesfied Canals

Two relatively short, relatively low-profile canals, linking the majestic Pennine waterways with the much-boated cruising rings of the midlands.  Both flirt decorously with the Peak District, with stone walls, handsome trees, and grand green hills overlooking the canal. Both have

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Guest post: David Walker

Press release from Further Education Lectures (University of Cambridge Canals’ Association) No. 35.     Anal Retention in the Canal Dimension The world of cod psychology was shaken to its foundations recently with the emergence of a new phobia – fear of

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Boat cuisine – red braised pork

Our little gas cooker is lovely, but the heat never gets high enough to cook a really satisfying stir fry. So I put my wok and my copy of Fuschia Dunlop away with deep regret. And then yesterday I realised

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Boat cuisine – A tale of two tarts

Once upon a time, about two years ago on a normal Monday night, I decided to make Nigel Slater’s chicken with cream and tarragon.  A superb dish. This requires chicken, cream and tarragon.  The first two ingredients were easily procured;

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Council of war

Felucca set off from Yelvertoft in April.  She headed north then west, over the top of Birmingham and down to Worcester.  That wasn’t the end, nor the beginning of the end, but perhaps the end of the beginning. We sailed

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Wonders: our journey so far

The really keen followers of this blog (hi mum!) will have noticed that we have managed to visit six out of the seven wonders of the inland waterways on Felucca since April. We didn’t really set out to do a

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Wonder #6 – Standedge Tunnel

Waterways pioneer Robert Aickman nominated the tunnel as one of his seven wonders, but in my opinion he really should have given the prize to the whole Huddersfield Narrow Canal.  It’s an engineering marvel, and beautiful too. The tunnel is

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An A-Z of the waterways

The language of the cut can be a minefield, littered with jargon, in joke, traditional terminology and neologism a-plenty. I’m sure there are many worthy tomes that can teach you to ditch port and starboard in favour of on-side and

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Guest post – Sophie

[Ed’s note: written over a week ago, half-way through her stay with us, but only posted now because of a perfect storm of poor internet reception and sloth. Sorry Sophie!] I am two-thirds of the way through my week aboard

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Sex and the Pennines

Once upon a time, a big, beautiful, bright red boat named Felucca came to the Pennines. In typical fashion, she hooked up with the Leeds and Liverpool, falling hard for its expansive scenery, its charmingly wide locks, its hot pork

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