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That’s not a lock! This is a lock!

Standard narrow beam lock on the British canal system: 7ft (2.1m) wide 70ft (21m) long Depth varies, though say around 8ft (2.5m) deep. Overall, a nice snug fit for Felucca.  You’d need 25 of these locks to fill an Olympic

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Wonder #3 (via a historical detour)

Today, we visited the place where it all got started.  The first significant British canal, and the birth of the industrial revolution. It’s Worsley.  A small, pretty town on the edge of greater Manchester.  Nowadays, the roar of the nearby

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Boat cuisine – hotdogs with French’s

Butcher-bought sausages, caramelised onions, soft buns, lashings of French’s mustard, a dash of ketchup. Washed down with a healthy green salad and a splash of white wine.

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Progress report

We spent last week exploring the River Weaver.  It’s a fascinating waterway, one minute dwarfed by huge smelly factories and salt works, the next lost in beautiful countryside. As a critical trade route for Cheshire’s salt and related chemical industries,

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