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Back on board

We set sail again this morning after a lovely week seeing friends and family around the UK. Today’s leg is from Rodley to Leeds, can’t wait!

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Guest post: Nick W & Katie P

A couple of weeks back, Nick and Katie visited .  As well as putting in some back-breaking hours on the Wigan locks and joining us for some jolly good food and drink, Katie took some smashing photos.  Here they are.

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I do like a moving bridge. The canal system has many and they are interesting and varied. Some go up like a drawbridge. Others rotate on a turntable. Some are enormous and only need to be swung for boats with

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Weed hatch action hero

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Wonder #4 – Burnley Embankment

I have a feeling that the man who masterminded the creation of the seven wonders of the waterways, Robert Aickman, may have been having us all on a bit. For how else can he go from the majesty and triumphant

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Famous cows

We’ve just been through the Foulridge Tunnel. It’s nearly a mile long, pretty straight and as dark and spooky as many other tunnels we’ve encountered so far. Apparently, in 1912, a cow named Buttercup fell in at one end, swam

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Boat cuisine – Barrowford top lock

Brunch after an energetic morning going up Barrowford locks. We are now at the summit pound of the Leeds & Liverpool canal, 487 feet above sea level, with Pendle Hill on the horizon… Quite glorious.

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Morning in the Pennines

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A rant

To that man and any others In those age-old British words, I have a “polite notice” for you. Please note it is not polite to treat my sex with such contempt. Please note that, despite my fury, I managed to

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Blue skies

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