Month 2: statistics

You can probably tell that we’re back on board, and back in civilisation after a sojourn in the reception-less borderlands of Shropshire, by the sheer volume of posts today. Hurrah for a connection to the internet!

We are now in Y Waun (Chirk, innit), about to go over not one, but two marvellous aqueducts – created by the great master of canal engineering Telford. Move over Brindley with your poncy circular weirs.

Anyway, I digress. Here is our second statistics round up. An odd but happy month, much interrupted by two christenings, two weddings, and a stopover in Brum.

May 6th-June 9th

* Cruising days: 19
* Cruising hours: 83.5
* Miles travelled: 149
* Locks conquered: 128

Check out the where we are tab, Tom is busily updating our various locations even as I type.

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