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Boat cuisine – huevos rancheros

I love weekend breakfasts.

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The Weaver: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rivers

The Trent in the wind. The Severn in all its splendour. The Avon and its floods. It’s probably fair to say I’ve not exactly been enamoured of this happy nation’s rivers so far (see posts passim and passat if you are interested).

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Boat cuisine: teacakes

On Monday, we cruised past the Roberts Bakery at Rudheath.  I don’t know what they were making at the time but incredible aromas of sweet baked things drifted over the canal. We’ve since both been craving hot cross buns, teacakes,

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Guest post: Nick Soulsby

[Ed’s note: Today’s post comes to us from the letters N.A.S. and the number 1.] Given the average speed of a canal boat still, 100 years after the horse-drawn era, doesn’t stretch much beyond that of a strolling pony, it’s perhaps

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Canal boat maintenance for beginners: oil change

This is your engine. It is important to keep it in excellent condition.  Not only does it get you from A to B, but it also provides your electricity and hot water. Oil plays a critical role in the optimal

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Wonder #2

Today, we went down the Anderton Boat Lift. Now, I know what you’re thinking, you spend ages waiting for us to make our way to one wonder of the waterways, and then two come along at once. But before you turn

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What to do when you can’t make your mind up

I am so laid back these days, I’m not even fazed by the evil morning task of deciding what to put on toast.

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Sunny June

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Better late than never

The Llangollen canal may be beautiful, and thrilling, and Welsh, but it ain’t great on mobile internet reception. So, although we passed through the lovely little village of Marbury twice, I didn’t get a chance to mention it. Marbury is

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From Ice Age to Leisure Age: the rise and fall and rise again of the Ellesmere Canal

Ten millennia ago, the last Ice Age ended. The glaciers retreated. Scars and pock marks from these grinding rivers of ice marked the landscape in profound and lasting ways. In this part of Shropshire, the glaciers left behind meres. These

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