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Full throttle action

All is now well with Felucca again, hurrah! She had us worried for a while… Lovely Pete from River & Canal Rescue turned up promptly to sort us out with a new throttle cable and lots of cable ties. Apparently,

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Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

So after a week going up the Avon, we locked up into Stratford basin at the terminus of the Stratford canal… and as we were finishing a textbook reverse park, the throttle failed. No harm done, we are safely moored

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Shakespeare’s Stratford

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The bard and the barge

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Boat cuisine

Happy Saturday!

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Diamond shaped lock

Interesting eh? Built like this to stop erosion apparently but a pain to moor in nonetheless.

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Bredon Hill

Yesterday we cruised up the remarkable River Avon, stalked not only by evil ducks and raging torrents but also by the ubiquitous Bredon Hill which looked down on us throughout. It’s a 300m summit around which the Avon meanders like

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This is beyond a joke


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Strange purchases you make when you live on a boat

Actual shopping trip in Pershore asda. Five litres of antifreeze, three litres of red wine and a wooden bowl. Party time!

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A tale of two rivers

It was the best of times. Despite dismal forecasts, the rain had stopped and sun peeped out from behind large and fluffy clouds. Translation done, lunch inhaled, engine checks complete. The lock gates at Stensham Lock were open in a

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