Au revoir Brum

We have come out of hibernation in the great city of Birmingham. The constant, heavy, mood-busting rain of the last three days has finally lifted. The wind has dropped. The canal might still be full of abandoned shopping trolleys (and worse) but we care not, for we are on our way again. And with every inch we travel, I feel my cabin fever lifting, floating away along one of the Birmingham Canal Network’s many branches and loops.


View of two loops (one off to the left, one to the right), seen from the main line

The city has treated us very kindly indeed. Not just the most friendly launderette I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across, and a market full of sights splendid enough to take on Tokyo (ish), but a city chock full of heritage, real life and fun.

Today I have seen an army of urban goslings marching along the pavement, a harassed looking yet over-tanned business man carrying a crumpled suit, a seagull pulling a fish out of the canal, and a hipster on a fixie. All city life is here!

I shall enjoy missing it, safe in the knowledge that we will have to come back this way at some point. Au revoir, Brum. In the meantime, I present you with some glamour shots.


Gas St basin


The Old Turn Junction


Lovely canal-side road markers


And I saved the best for last.

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One comment on “Au revoir Brum
  1. Michelle says:

    Where are you finding all the sunshine?! Haven’t seen the sun for days (feels like weeks!) here in London! Mx

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