What a day

On the plus side: lovely visitors, a chocolate tasting competition courtesy of Cadbury World’s shop, the characterful and welcoming canals of Brum central, and a simply glorious pub (complete with mini beer festival and BBQ) in Bournville.

On the less of a plus side: simply UNSPEAKABLE things* left in canals by hooligans that get wrapped around our propeller and require us to dangle our arms up to our elbows into a filthily black canal, wind that took us straight into moored boats as we tried to cruise quietly past, and wind (again) so fierce that it took three people to pull Felucca in to moor.




* Including torn cycling shorts, twigs and a condom. Yes, you read that correctly. Disgusting.

Posted in Boat Handling, Cruising log, The Boat, Visitors

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