Edstone Aqueduct

I went to scope out this little gem on the bike. We’ll sail over tomorrow!


Handsome plaque


Longest aqueduct in England!


Cast iron channel sitting on brick pillars


Channel on left, towpath on right


It crosses the railway...


...and the road, and the river too!


Gratuitous blossom photo


The little bike by the River Alne

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3 comments on “Edstone Aqueduct
  1. The Pirate Captain says:

    Looks awesome! Happy sailing. Just seen a painting by Constable at the RA of Dedham Lock – the effort to deal with a lock looks as hard work then as it is now!

  2. Graham says:

    can you calculate the weight of the water? 145 * 3 * 1 (making some complete guesses on width and depth…) 435 tonnes… plus the weight of the odd narrow boat and it’s owners. Impressive stuff. HOw long will it take to cross it at 4mph?

  3. Graham says:

    PS spot the deliberate mistake…

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