The Black Country riviera

Today we arrived in Stourport, where the canal enters the River Severn.


River Severn

It’s an interesting, quirky town. As the inland port where cargo was transferred from river to canal, it has plenty of handsome warehouses, but also has something of the seaside town about it, with fairground…


Fun of the fair

… and fish and chips.



Two massive basins greet the canal, with narrow boats, tugs and posh yachts, some moored and others pottering about getting fuel and taking on supplies.


Clock Warehouse, Felucca and Stourport Yacht Club

The port’s history is all around and you can just wander at will, nosing about and watching the boats in action.


Massive massive lock


Pleasing spot to moor

It’s just a wonderful place with abundant charm and character. Just close your eyes and imagine days gone by when it was a bustling working port with coal, stone and wood being unloaded by hundreds of grimy shouting blokes.

Or open then and pretend instead you’re living a millionaire lifestyle with the yachting set.


Monaco man

Pubs and high street aren’t bad either. Stourport, I highly recommend it!

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One comment on “The Black Country riviera
  1. Recommendation seconded, cap’n!

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