Boat cuisine: Nige


This man is a legend. His Real Cooking is a much loved, well thumbed cookbook stolen from my mum. It has a ton of classic recipes and is full of saucy commentary on purple proud aubergines and young well hung lamb. Etc. His telly show isn’t sadly a patch on his writing but if you get this book you will never go hungry.

Today he surpassed himself with pork and lemon casserole. Unfortunately, as a stew, it doesn’t photograph well, so here’s a picture of a happy diner instead.


Fry four chopped onions and four cloves of garlic, halved, in butter over low heat in giant casserole. When light gold after about twenty minutes, spoon onions into a bowl and use same pan to brown off a pound of pork belly cut into inch cubes. Return onions to pan with two bay leaves, rosemary, and sprinkling of flour. Stir, put on butter paper and lid, and put in 150 oven for ninety minutes.

Spoon in two tablespoons wholegrain mustard, one of capers and juice of a lemon and its shells. Stir. Give it 25 minute more.

Serve with red wine and boiled spuds and green salad.

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6 comments on “Boat cuisine: Nige
  1. Martine says:

    It looks as if you are having a great time and that the parents did too!

    I had my first riding lesson tonight on Coco, and even trotted! Photos sent to Em’s email….maybe I should have a blog to.
    M xxx

  2. Clare Waller says:

    His tv show is one of the very few cookery shows I can’t stand. Might have to borrow his book from the library though if the tv show is no reflection of it! Have you seen Donna Hay’s “fast fresh simple”?

    • The book (all his books) are really worth it, and a million miles away from the faintly horrid, insipid gurgling of his TV appearances! Not heard of Donna Hay, tell me more…?

  3. mum says:

    I always did wonder what happened to that cookbook. And I agree with Em and Clare: his TV shows are horribly arch and not a patch on the written word in e.g Kitchen Diaries

  4. Clare Waller says:

    Donna Hay is australian, lots of very simple summery dishes, she’s kind of their version of Jamie Oliver, and had a very good tv series at one point! Will bring her cookbook when we come to visit…

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