The emotional states experienced when navigating a series of locks

State 1: Over-confidence

“I have a boat-handling certificate, I have walked through the process in my mind so I’m clear on what I need to do, I have had a lovely breakfast, I am READY for these locks”


State 2: Euphoria

“Yee hah, the paddles are down, I’ve put my back into this gate and it is opening, I am ON FIRE, so hot I don’t even care that it’s raining”

I have the power!

I have the power!

State 3: Doubt

“Why isn’t this paddle working? Why is it taking so long to empty? Why can’t I open the gate? Am I doing something wrong? Am I going to fall off the gates to my death? Why is it still raining? Why is this happening to me? Please can I have a cup of tea and a jaffa cake?”


State 4: Petulance

“I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t care that there are still 3 more locks to get through, I am cold and tired and my arms aren’t strong enough and I want to cry.”

eric petulance

State 5:  Anger

“This bloody lock isn’t going to beat me. I am not scared, I am ANGRY. I will do this, it will not kill me. I am NOT going to give up and make Tom do the rest of the locks, no way. Come on, move you &*^%$£$*&  gate. Ouch, my foot hurts, maybe I shouldn’t have kicked it.”


State 6: Triumph

“I have beaten them! We are through the locks! It’s time for lunch!”


State 7: Moralising

(Not really an emotional state, but hopefully you will let me off.)
I’m going to let the Master of Scriptwriting speak to this one…

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3 comments on “The emotional states experienced when navigating a series of locks
  1. Kate says:

    I literally laughed out loud at this. Can just picture it…Keep em coming!!! xxxx

  2. nsoulsby says:

    Wind beneath my wings peoples – the Rocky clip made my morning! You’ll both be returning home with huge muscled arms, like walnuts in a sock…

  3. […] hail, more rain, thunder and more rain. We’d seen a lot of wildlife. I’d finally mastered the art of working locks and Tom could service an engine standing on his […]

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