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The Black Country riviera

Today we arrived in Stourport, where the canal enters the River Severn. It’s an interesting, quirky town. As the inland port where cargo was transferred from river to canal, it has plenty of handsome warehouses, but also has something of

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Through the keyhole

Near disaster this morning, as we discover we have been sold a load of old tat. Our anti vandal keys didn’t work so we had to wait for another boat to come and let us through the locks.

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Down with Kiddie

Good god, but Kidderminster is underwhelming. I would say that I don’t know what I expected, except I do. I expected a gorgeous church right on the canal bank, complete with handy visitor moorings. I expected a town proud of

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Arsing around

At the weekend Charlie visited us. I must say he brought real gravitas to proceedings.

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Boat cuisine – foraging

We moored at a rather idyllic spot south of Kidderminster, where the Stour burbles happily parallel to the canal, a few yards away. In between the towpath and the river was a great forest of wild garlic! It’s a wild

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Thank you mum

Lovely Sunday afternoon surprise visit from maman, Brian and Jo. Trip to the church and rock houses in Kinver. And CHOCOLATE!

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Who is James Brindley anyway?

Most people have heard of Isambard Kingdom Brunel: celebrated engineer, tunnel-builder, top hat-wearer and cigar smoker. He was voted 2nd greatest Brit of all time after Jeremy Clarkson championed his achievements on a BBC telly programme. And it’s not unusual

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Quiet time

Thanks to all our visitors this weekend. What larks! Tom is studying the Mikuni manual and doing some complex calculations that require counting on fingers. Very impressive. I am reading L.T.C. Rolt’s seminal account of his trip on the narrowboat

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The Laches

“The world is divided – though perhaps not equally – into those who think of The Laches as Plato’s Socratic dialogue on the nature of courage, and those who think of it as a bridge on the Staffordshire & Worcestershire

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Darwin and a biscuit

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